Detroit Diesel Generator: Efficiency and Durability

detroit diesel generator

DaimlerChrysler AG may be the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel truck engines, but did you know their subsidiary Detroit Diesel manufactures top-of-the-line industrial generators? If you’re in the market for a Detroit Diesel generator, check out the post below. We’ll tell you why we at Woodstock Power are proud to sell their products.


First, look no further than a Detroit Diesel generator if you’re looking for dependability. This corporation is known for manufacturing engines, transmission systems, axles, and more. All these are hailed for their superior performance throughout the world. Furthermore, Detroit Diesel supplies products for industries as diverse as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power
  • Construction
  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Office Complexes

You don’t earn a reputation like that without making a dependable product.


Here at Woodstock Power, we sell or rent new and used Detroit Diesel generator sets in a variety of power options – from 50 kW to 4000 kW+. So, for a taste of what we offer, check out our online inventory. This reflects just some of the variety a Detroit Diesel generator provides. In addition to servicing the various industries listed above, Detroit Diesel generators are also available for standby, prime, and emergency power requirements. Lastly, some of their models come in a weather-proof casing to help them go the extra mile in poor weather conditions. You don’t have to worry if your interior space cannot accommodate such a huge machine.


Last, diesel-fueled generators already lead all fuel types in durability. But even more so if it’s a Detroit Diesel generator. At Woodstock Power, we only offer thoroughly tested, pique-performing, high quality generators. Time and again, the generators that pass our grueling tests are Detroit Diesel generators. So, if you need a generator to last you a long time, look no further than Detroit Diesel.

Rent or Buy a Detroit Diesel Generator at Woodstock Power

If you’d like more information on Detroit Diesel, or are interested in purchasing or renting one, please reach out to us at Woodstock Power. A member of our gracious and competent staff would love to assist you.

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