Used 75 kW Gilette SP850 Natural Gas Generator

Used 75 kW Gilette SP850 Natural Gas Generator

Weatherproof enclosure
Low hours
GM 8.1L Vortec engine

Generator Model # SP850-3-2
Voltage 120/208V
Manufacturer Gilette
Fuel Type Natural Gas/LPQ
Hours 67
Unit # 02028PA-LEB
Manufacturer Gilette
Fuel Natural Gas/LPQ
Rating 75 kW
Hours 67
Voltage 120/208V
Amps 261
Hertz 60
RPM 1800
Phase 3-Phase
Leads 12
Generator Model # SP850-3-2
Engine Model # GM 8.1L Vortec
Year 2005
Overall Dimensions 118" x 48" x 75"
Overall Weight 3,000 lbs
Additional Features

Used 75 kW Gilette SP850 Natural Gas Generator

Weatherproof enclosure
Low hours
GM 8.1L Vortec engine

Load Bank Report

Load Bank Test Video

Generator set will accept 100% rated load in one step, per NFPA-110.
Generator set is UL-1446 certified>
Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard on this genset.
Electronic engine governor incorporates a throttle body actuator, which allows precise isochronous frequency regulation.
SENTINEL III provides programmable microprocessor logic and digital display for different engine and generator functions, plus automatic fault shutdowns.
Heavy duty, rugged gas engine is capable of delivery rated power at 1800 RPM (60 Hz) pr 1500 RPM (50 Hz).
“STANDARD” Housing: Full weather protection and average sound-attenuation for normal applications.

Alternator Features:
4 Pole, revolving field design
Brushless, rotating field generator design with shunt wound excitation system and connectable at a broad range of voltages.
Alternator power ratings are based on temperature rise, measured by resistance method, as defined in MIL-STD 705C and IEEE STD 115, Method 6.4.4.
Insulation resistance to ground, exceeds 1.5 meg-ohm.
Stator receives 2000V hi-potential test on main windings, and rotor windings receive a 1500V hi-potential test, as per MIL-STD 705B.
Full amortisseur windings with UL-1446 listing on all alternators.
Complete engine-alternator tosrsional acceptance, confirmed during initial prototype testing.
Full load testing on all engine-alternator sets, before shipping.

Engine Features:
General Motors 8.1L Vortec engine
4-cycle, 8 cylinders (V-8)

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